Session #5, Kuopio

Last scheduled session was a morning one, clearly calling for pancakes. Present were Eva, Anna and Hailey, with trusty helpers Susie and Anna. Undeterred by drizzle, we collected some fairly bitter rowanberries (pihlajanmarja) from the cemetery across the road to make juice, Read more ›

Session #4, Kuopio

Cloudberry jam!!! From the misty bogs of lapland. Comes with experimental vanilla bean, leipäjuusto ‘bread-cheese’, a dinnertime goats cheese and kantarelli mushroom tart … and talk of extinction/changing weather patterns. Handiwork of Eeva, Karen, Lisa, Greg 1, Greg 2, Susie, Anna and Read more ›

Session #3, Kuopio

On this occasion – with Marja, Anna, Bec, Amos and Susie – the kitchen produced FIVE different preserves: dried suppilovahvero mushrooms, salt pickled karvarousku mushrooms, boozy plums, rowanberry jam and sweet apple preserve. Almost all the ingredients we used were Read more ›

Session #1, Kuopio

Yesterday evening we had our first scheduled preserving session. In attendance were Annina, Tatu, Asta, Kris and my accomplished assistant, Anna. Though none of us were particularly confident of our bottling skills, we managed to successfully produce several jars of Read more ›