PICA landing

The Making Time team has arrived in Perth and started making ourselves at home in PICA’s Westend Gallery. We’d love you to drop in and say hi, especially if you’d like to book in an appointment with us for some pickling/preserving/jamming. We’re available anytime between 11am – 6pm, from today until Sunday. Please contact us beforehand, on 0411 873 322 or makingtime{at}makeshift{dot}com{dot}au

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  1. Making Sour Pickles by Sandor Ellix Katz
    “My idea of a pickle is one fermented in a brine solution. Pickle-making requires close attention. My first attempt at brine pickle-making resulted in soft, unappealing pickles that fell apart, because I abandoned it for a few days, and perhaps because the brine was not salty enough, and because of the heat of the Tennessee summer. And and and. “Our perfection lies in our imperfection.” There are, inevitably, fermentation failures. We are dealing with fickle life forces, after all.”

  2. Food activism
    “Social change is another form of fermentation. Ideas ferment, as they spread and mutate and inspire movements for change.” Ellix-Katz

    list of resources…

  3. Chay-Ya on

    I know you can make raw fruit jam, can’t seem to find s good recipe…I’ll keep looking. Might need to dehydrate it to thicken it a bit or maybe use psyllium, chia or agar agar to thicken?

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