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Coming to you from the ‘Practice’ arm of the P4 (pilot) initiative and Perth Institute of Contemporary ArtsNow Right Now! season of Live Art, is our new project, Making Time. Here is its official description in the freshly printed PICA program:

“Remember the days of home made jam and pickles? Do these traditions stand for more than they appear? Is it important to ‘preserve’ such techniques for communities with a future?

Interdisciplinary art collective Makeshift invites you to participate in a food laboratory with a difference. Tessa & Karl are hosting a series of ‘how to’ workshops to bottle, preserve and pickle a variety of native or backyard surplus foods. In exchange for your recipes, preservation know-how and surplus produce, the artists will offer introductory micro-seminars on selected ideas behind their practice, including design futuring, redirection, shuttling and sustainment. Making Time hopes to generate agency in relation to food security and non-institutional learning, investigating how food preservation techniques may be deployed in an impending age of unsettlement and urban adaptation.”

We’ll be in the Westend Gallery between 18 – 21 November, open daily 11am – 6pm. To send in your recipes for pickles, jams, preserves etc., let us know where we might find suitable excess produce, or to make an appointment to teach us in person during the lab, email us at:

See you there!

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  1. What a great project! We are obsessed with fermenting at the moment, as a means of preserving our excess harvest. I love the idea that the food is still alive. Thank you Sandor Katz, Thank you!

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