Program Sat 23 Feb


8am – 9:30am | Aunty Beryl (Yaama Dhiyaan) makes munthari berry & apple sauce AND finger lime & orange marmalade

10am – 11am | Discussion: ‘Seeing Things in/as Time’ led by Abby Mellick Lopes

11:30am – 1pm | Pickles! Sarah Rodigari does cucumber & Susie Pritchard (Arcadia) does okra*

Bookings for all sessions here

*Note: Plenty of room to squeeze an extra person into this session if you have a recipe to share. Especially something with the peaches we picked up last week..


Abby Mellick Lopes is a researcher and educator in design for sustainability with a focus on strategies of rematerialisation. Her current research is looking at how design can support change in relation to everyday social practices around urban food. Abby is also interested in the question of what an aesthetics of sustainment might be, and is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the University of Western Sydney.




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