Sarah Rodigari’s Dill Pickles


Pickling cucumbers (the fresher the better, preferably unwaxed firm pickling ones)
brine (white vinegar, water and salt) – to one litre of water add: pickling salt (220g) & white vinegar  (1 cup)

Wash cucumbers in cold water, then shove into a sterilised jar as tight as possible. If they’re too big then quarter them.

Add 1 bulb of garlic (cut in half) and the head/flower of dill or a handful of sprigs. This amount can vary depending on taste.  Add other things like chilli or peppercorn if you like. Pour the boiling brine over the jar and then wipe the lip of the jar with a cloth dipped in the sterilising pot of water,  then seal. Finally put the jars in the  sterilising pot of water for 15 minutes and boil.

Best time to eat them is 6 weeks later.

Note: We were given some leftover cauliflower from the markets so shoved a bit of that in too.


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