Tomato Passata

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Tomato Passata (Michael Pennisi, Cindy Swift, Greg Johnston, John Watson, Abby Mellick Lopes)
– Recipe from Abby Mellick Lopes

Egg tomatoes – you will get 12 bottles per foam box (Order for eg from Frank’s at Haberfield or Earlwood fruit and vege market)

Slice tomatoes in half and turn inside out – squishing slightly (rubber gloves if your hands are sensitive to acid)

Simmer tomatoes until red foam appears on the surface of the water and skins start to retract (not in added water)

Drain tomatoes and carry over a bowl to the food mill.

Pass tomatoes through food mill to separate seeds and skin from pulp.

Using a funnel, put tomato pulp into bottles (can add basil or oregano for flavour).

Using a brewer’s capping device, cap bottles.

Placing a towel in the boiler, boil bottles in water for I hour (time from the time the water starts to boil).

The passata will keep for at least a year.



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