fermented sodas in Lithuanian seaside

More fermentations in new collaborative formations… this time with Sumugan Sivanesan at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania, for the 8th Inter-format Symposium, On Rites & Terrabytes. Tessa & Sumu presented at the symposium an SF storytelling/political therapy picnic, the T.Rudzinskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society Annual Field Trip & Picnic, which featured a number of experimental fermented sodas made using leaves and berries collected from the forest by the dunes. Apparently the air in this latitude has a special kind of lacto-bacteria, which means you can take just about anything growing there, add sugar and water, and wait for it to become delicious.

First experiment. smashed leaves of raspberry leaf (with rolling pin, potato masher and hands), left to ferment in an open jar for 24 hours. Then use to make tea with a hot or cold infusion overnight, then add sugar and wait a few days.

wild strawberry kvass. Add water and sugar to berries, leave, and stir every day. Took about 4-5 days to become fizzy (moved into a snap lock bottle in the fridge for final day). Tasted amazing!


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